How Unplanned Pregnancy Affects Relationships

It’s assumed that unplanned pregnancy affects relationships in a negative way. But is this always true? We’ll discuss the ins and outs in this post.

Pregnancy has taken couples by surprise since, well, forever. The rate of unplanned pregnancy has ranged from 45% to around 51% in recent years. (source.)

So if you’re currently in this situation, you can rest assured that you’re not alone.

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But many women (and men) are concerned about how their unplanned pregnancy will affect their relationship. In truth, pregnancy is a big, life-changing event.

And as with any big life change, it can add excitement OR or stress to our relationships. And sometimes, both!

How does pregnancy affect relationships?

The answer to this question often depends upon the quality of the relationship itself.

Becoming parents in a healthy relationship

If your relationship was healthy and committed, and you and your partner have similar values to begin with? Well, it’s possible your unintended pregnancy could affect your relationship in a very positive way.

So maybe you weren’t imagining you would be parents quite this soon. But in a healthy relationship, you may decide that the timing of the pregnancy is less important than supporting one another, and your child.

Fortunately, you have (almost) nine months to prepare not only for a baby, but for strengthening your relationship and commitment even more.

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Unplanned pregnancy in a new relationship

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy early in your relationship, it can be difficult to know at this point what reactions will surface from your partner, and even within yourself.

It may be hard to imagine what your relationship will look like a week, or 6 months, or a year down the road.

But it’s important to know that initial feelings about bringing a baby into the world can also change drastically throughout the pregnancy.

It’s not uncommon for us to see couples at the Pregnancy Resource Center who are very unsettled about having a child together at their initial appointment.

And many times, after that first appointment, their feelings and intentions change.

Sometimes it’s the men who, surprisingly, embrace a pregnancy after being totally against the idea at first. They may even be more excited than their partner! We’ve observed this even in relatively new relationships.

Regardless of those first impressions, though, we recommend that women have a strong support system and someone to talk with about any conflicting feelings about their pregnancy.

(This is something we can help with! Hit the chat button on this page if you need support now.)

Other factors that can affect your relationship during pregnancy

Sometimes it’s not the relationship quality, but other things that can strain a relationship when you find out you’re pregnant.

Having a lack of finances, work, or stable housing can be at the top of this list.

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Sometimes, women even consider how unplanned pregnancy affects relationships based on other people’s negative experiences. This can create a lot of pressure to make a decision about the pregnancy when the future seems uncertain to them.

All of these struggles are important, and we realize you need to find answers so that you can have a plan, and peace of mind, during and after your pregnancy.

If you’re already struggling in your relationship – or are concerned about telling your partner you’re pregnant- contact us and make an appointment at the Pregnancy Resource Center of Mountain Grove.

Let’s problem solve together.

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