4 Most Common Reasons to Keep an Unplanned Pregnancy

With so much emphasis on “choice” these days – what are some reasons people choose to keep an unplanned pregnancy? We explore several in this post.

So you’ve just taken THE test – and that inconspicuous, little white stick seems to be shouting its “positive” message only seconds later.

Except, you’re not feeling so positive at the moment.

When you weren’t planning to be pregnant, the fact that you are pregnant (or might be) can feel overwhelming.

Once you’ve had a few days to let this news simmer, you might start thinking about all your options.

Woman looking out window with cup of tea, thinking.

Social media posts and the news seems to make having an abortion sound like no big deal. Except, maybe you’ve read about the risks of abortion and now you’re not so sure you’re getting the entire story.

And then, you realize there’s always adoption.

But what are the reasons to keep an unplanned pregnancy, you might wonder. Why do people go through with their pregnancies, with all the uncertainties they feel at the time?

There are many different reasons, and below are the most common responses we see from women who visit our pregnancy center.

The Reality of New Life

When you see your child on an ultrasound screen for the first time, it’s hard to put into words the connection you may experience.

Even in the early weeks of pregnancy, it’s common to see an unborn baby bouncing around and waving its arms and kicking its legs.

And then, the tiny flicker appears on the screen: the heartbeat. Suddenly, many women discover the reality of the life growing inside them.

It’s no longer a “clump of cells” or some type of parasite, but a vulnerable, innocent human being. Her human being.

A Sense of Responsibility

In addition to seeing the growing form of her baby on an ultrasound screen, women tend to want to take the responsible route and care for this little person they’ve helped to create.

Sometimes that responsible option is adoption: allowing her child to grow up in a loving, stable home when she knows she just isn’t ready or able to provide at this time.

But often, with a little help and support from Centers such as ours, she finds that she can raise her baby- alongside her partner or family, or even as a single parent.

Woman mentoring another younger woman about pregnancy decision.

The Thrill of a New Adventure

Parenting is definitely an adventure unlike any other! Even clients we have known, who never thought they wanted to be a mom, have changed their minds once finding out they were pregnant.

After they had time to sit down and think through what life could look like with a little one to care for, many women decide it’s a future they want to explore.

Sometimes it’s the father of the baby who is actually excited at the thought of raising their child, even though it wasn’t in their original plans, either.

Moral or Religious Beliefs

If you adhere to a particular faith such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam (as well as many others), family values tend to be strong.

And while moral beliefs among each group can vary, most major religions view abortion as a moral injustice.

With that said, women from a religious background may be more likely to consider the moral implications of an abortion decision, than not. This may give them the pause to consider parenting or adoption, instead.

Weighing the reasons to keep an unplanned pregnancy

There are many emotions that surface when you find out you’re pregnant.

Some women we’ve met feel under tremendous pressure to have an abortion. (And we statistics show that most women considering abortion are being heavily pressured into that decision.)

Some struggle with the idea of an adoption plan, although they are unsure about parenting.

Regardless of all the reasons to keep an unplanned pregnancy, there is one thing that can give you peace of mind as you make one of the biggest decisions of your life:

Getting accurate information to make an informed decision.

At the Pregnancy Resource Center of Mountain Grove, we specialize in pregnancy options mentoring. We’re here to listen to your concerns, and give you the medically-accurate information about pregnancy, abortion, as well as adoption.

Call us at 417-926-3310 or use the chat widget on this page to have a conversation with one of our staff members.

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