For Guys

Unplanned pregnancy definitely impacts men as well. As a male, you might experience a wide range of different emotions upon learning that your girlfriend, wife, or sexual partner may be pregnant. You might feel scared, anxious, nervous, excited, terrified, worried, stressed, and/or any combination of these. It’s not uncommon for guys to panic when they learn that there is a possibility that their partner may be pregnant—though it’s also very important to know how to respond if/when such a situation does occur.

First of all, don’t panic! Males have been fathering children for as long as humans have existed. Though you might be terrified of the idea and unable to imagine how a child could possibly fit into your life, it’s important to stand back and to try to see the bigger picture. There is, after all, a possibility that you have helped to create a new life—and with that comes a lot of responsibility, but also a lot of good things as well. This could be the beginning of a new family. If your partner is pregnant, then it’s important to remember that this baby is going to need a father.

Fatherhood is a challenge, but it is also a privilege. This baby will look to you for love, support, and provision. You will be one of the most important people in its life—but it will also love and appreciate you and its mother more than probably anyone else in the entire world.

If you think that your girlfriend, wife, or partner might be pregnant, then it’s important to find out for sure. She can actually visit the Pregnancy Resource Center of Mountain Grove to get a free pregnancy test. We can even provide her with a limited OB ultrasound to confirm it. Once you find out exactly whether she is pregnant or not, you will know what kinds of choices you will need to make. Our peer counselors can also help you with this. They can talk to you about your options and concerns, and help you as you make the best decisions for yourself and for your family.

We also offer a lot of new-parent classes, and offer many resources for new and expectant fathers. Please call or visit to learn more.