If you’re in college, you might be especially anxious if you suspect that you may be pregnant. You’re probably living a very busy life. You likely have college courses most weekdays, and may even be working when you’re not in class.

With such a full and busy life, it isn’t surprising that getting pregnant is probably the furthest thing from your mind.

What should you do if you suspect that you might be pregnant?

If you’re a college student and suspect that you might be pregnant, don’t panic! If you visit the Center, we can give you a free pregnancy test. You can even get the results right here within moments! It won’t cost you a thing to find out for sure.

Once you have your pregnancy test results, we can help you by providing information, resources, and even a limited OB ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy.

We can also be a listening ear and act as a friend as you navigate this very challenging, yet rewarding path. Having friends and a community around you is incredibly important—and we can definitely help you to find that here.